Why Your Business Needs a Killer Website

Are you the owner of a small business or company? How is your online presence? This can be a your website, social media page, or business listings across the web. If you don’t know the answer to this question, then you are most likely leaving a large amount of money on the table.

With an estimated 3.2 billion people around the world actively using the internet today, It is now the biggest marketplace on the planet for buying and selling products and services. It is time you put your own business on the map with a good website. So why exactly do you need a great website?

  1. A Website Builds Trust

Today, users on the internet have come to look at a website as a first stepping stone on the path to trusting a company. Search engines are used for researching companies before consumers engage in transactions with these companies. With a website that looks good and feels good, you inspire loyalty and trust in the visitors to the site. Provide them with useful information about your company and the services you offer. In order to make your site more credible, keep it updated, be responsive, post customer reviews and provide a forum for customers to engage in discussions with each other.

  1. You’ll Be Visible to Search Engines

A whopping 81% of people start their search for a product or business online. This makes sites like Google, Bing, and Yahoo prime real estate if you have a business. If your website has been designed by professionals who have experience with search engine optimization (SEO) methods, you gain the ability to increase traffic to your site and make it far more credible and popular with your users. Before long, your brand might even become synonymous with the products and services you offer.

  1. A Website Expands Your Customer Reach

Does your business serve a large area of customers right now, or a smaller one? When you get your company on the internet, your customer base expands to include every person not just in your area, but surrounding areas as well. Anyone anywhere can visit your site and even purchase products on it. Shipping is as easy as going down to the post office and shipping the products to them!

  1. Your Website Is ALWAYS Selling

Your website is out there promoting and selling your business 24/7, 365 days of the year. With a website, you never need to have employers manning a booth or a point of sales device. All your sales can be conducted online, and you never have to lift a finger! In addition to this, you gain so much exposure through being open all the time that there is only one way for your reputation to go – up!

As you can see, having a good website is essential to having a successful business. Paired with SEO, global exposure and great design, you could become one of the biggest names on the internet. Choose your web design company carefully, though. This is the decision that will make or break your business in the future!


How Customer Reviews and Testimonials Boost Website Effectiveness

Search engines now offer the option for individuals to rank their search results by ratings or reviews. This means that your customer responses could bring you business or conversely, take it away. With the wealth of information on the internet and the speed of sharing, it has never been more important to build a solid, visible reputation that can attract future customers and bring more traffic to your website and business.

Companies that have the most and best reviews show up higher in the search results. This means that as long as you’re encouraging your customers to leave reviews for your business, you will see an increase in your rakings naturally over time if most of them are positive. Not only will these reviews help your ranking but they will help build confidence in your company for new and returning customers.

The market is saturated with companies offering their products and services, often times claiming to be the best. Customers have learned to see-through these excessive claims and the internet has provided the perfect tool for individuals to leave their personal reviews and ratings. With so many options available, online reviews provide the social proof that encourages consumers to make buying decisions.

Reviews are a valuable asset to businesses across the board; they generate new content for potential customers and provide useful information that can help you get more traffic. Most importantly, reviews can address the doubts that potential customers feel while searching for a product or service. Customers want to know that what your business offers is worth the money, they also want to know that they can trust you as a company. Reviews in all forms, including video testimonials, star ratings, and online reviews, can lend themselves to your advantage. The more people vouch for your company the more people will trust you. The more people that trust you, the more people will make purchasing decisions, comfortable with the fact that your business has their best interest in mind.

Knowing reviews are so essential to success, it is important to keep different kinds of reviews in mind in order to better able to understand your customers.

If you’re ready to increase brand confidence, gain attention, increase click-through rates, and stand out from your competitors, star-rated customer reviews are key. Star ratings show up on Google when you carry out a search, but not all companies listed in search results have stars. This means that searchers tend to be drawn to the companies that do. These ratings give customers the reassurance that the company can be trusted. Star ratings have been named as the #1 initial factor consumers consider when judging a business. If your business doesn’t have any star ratings listed, you’re going to lose out to your competitors that do.

Your company could have the best product or service in the world but without any reviews, most consumers will probably overlook your business. The average eye is naturally drawn to these star ratings, the more high ratings you accumulate, the more click-through rates will increase. Search engines positively identify when more potential customers visit your website, this will boost your ranking. So star ratings have both a direct and an indirect effect on your rankings.

Another effective review platform is video marketing through reviews and testimonials. Few businesses realize just how game-changing video testimonials can be. Video testimonials can drastically improve confidence and trust in your brand in a number of ways. One drastic benefit is that these videos can help to dispel customer fear. When customers are looking to make a purchase, there are a number of fears and doubts that can serve as a barrier for completing a sale.

Video testimonials from customers who were initially skeptical or doubtful about your business but were impressed by your service can be especially beneficial. These videos can offer authenticity, and potential customers will be able to relate to the fear of purchase.

Keeping reviews and testimonials in mind while managing your business website is essential to optimizing your web presence and gaining new customers, while simultaneously keeping previous ones. It is important to familiarize yourself with different types of reviews and different locations of reviews so that you are better able to understand and respond to your customers.